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Back in the late 90’s, while working for a major financial institution in lower Manhattan, I would spend my lunch hour in front of a doggie daycare center watching the attendants playing with the dogs. It was probably the best part of my day. Doggie daycare was a new concept back then. I was really intrigued with the type of service that was being offered to dogs. Being a Long Islander, I couldn’t believe that there weren’t any places like that near me. From the very first day in front of that daycare center, I knew that I needed to be in that industry.
In 2002, I opened K9 CLUBHOUSE in Bellmore, NY. K9 CLUBHOUSE started as a storefront offering doggie daycare, grooming and specialty dog retail items. As my business started to grow, customers insisted that I was the only one they wanted to watch their dog, while they were away. I transformed the rental apartment in my home to accommodate a small boarding space to care for my customers pets. Within a short period of time, I had to tear down walls, annex rooms from my house and expand my boarding space. With my new found boarding business and the struggle of being in two places at once. I sold my Bellmore store and focused on cultivating my home business to offer the finest personal care for my clients.
In 2009, the current K9CLUBHOUSE Dog Hotel opened in West Babylon, NY. Within 2 years my business out grew the space in my home and I needed to expand. Although I had opportunities to open other locations with investors wanting to be partners. Also, a tempting franchise offer that would have forced me to sacrifice services and the personal care I insist on, to meet bottom lines for financial number crunchers. I love what I do and what I have created. The satisfaction I feel from happy dogs and happy owners is better than anything one could wish for. As with any business, it comes with its share of madness and some days are more challenging than others. However, I am so very fortunate because for the past 16 years, I get to do what I love.
Stephen D.
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